Please email sales@thecarbarns.com to make a claim within 24 hours of the fault occuring

1.What is covered

This warranty covers mechanical and electrical parts (including labour costs to fit them) against mechanical breakdown listed below. Mechanical breakdown is the failure of a part, causing it to suddenly stop working, for reasons other than those specified within these terms including negligence. This warranty covers parts as listed below subject to a maximum claim limit of £500. Any claim exceeding this amount will therefore be the responsibility of the customer. This cover will run for a maximum of 3 months from the date of purchase and is NON transferable. The following makes of vehicles are exclusions and therefore not covered:

Bentley, Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo, Land Rover (pre-2014), Aston Martin and McLaren, All Mercedes AMG models pre 2014, All BMW M cars pre 2014.

Mileage of vehicles covered under this warranty are only covered up to 70,000 miles and subject to a maximum age of 10 years.

The cover under the warranty only applies if these terms and conditions are fully met. Including the process of how to make a claim within the set timescale. The warranty does not apply to any parts not listed within these terms and conditions. The warranty also becomes void if a car has not been maintained correctly following the manufacturer’s guidelines.

We will cover diagnostic charges up to £60 but NOT with a main dealer, only with express consent from The Car Barn's before the diagnostic is booked in or carried out.

This warranty also covers the following:

Oil Seals

Crankshaft front seal; camshaft oil seal; auxiliary shaft oil seal; gearbox rear seal; drive shaft seals; differential pinion seal.

Any oil seal the engine or gearbox needs as part of a repair under this warranty.

Working Materials

Oils, oil filter and antifreeze are included, only if it is essential to replace them as part of an agreed claim under this warranty.


If any of the parts covered fail, and this damages the casing, this will also be covered as part of an agreed claim under this warranty.

Catalytic Convertors

Catalytic convertors are covered for mechanical failure. This does not include the cleaning of fuel lines, filters, carburettors, pumps and the replacement of catalytic convertors damaged from the use of contaminated or incorrect fuel or accidental or impact damage.

Multimedia pack inclusions

Stereo hi-fi video cassette recorder, auxiliary power input socket 12-volt power supply (excluding remote control unit and headphone). Factory fitted CD player with multi-changer,games machine and DVD player (excluding discs).

2.What is not covered

Any vehicle over 10 years old

Any Land Rover Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Discovery 4 and 5 with a build date before 2017 will have limited cover. 3

Land Rover 3.0 TDV6 engine issues of any kind, any gearbox issues relating to the electronic modules controlling the selection mechanism and or mekatronic issues.

Any Air conditioning re-gas, condensor, cooler pipes or leaks after day of purchase from The Car Barns.

As specified within section 1 – any parts not listed within these terms and conditions are therefore not covered. Other parts not covered are listed below, but not subject to:

Any and all wear and tear which can also at times include the following: Clutches, Gearbox and Turbo (at time fault occurs, diagnostics will be completed - it will be clear if these have perished due to wear and tear, or due to a mechanical issue)

Cracked or porous cylinder heads and blocks; burnt valves; carbon deposits skimming or pressure testing.

Any PHEV/Hybrid/Electric car charging systems, cables, control units or batteries.

Any multi media system which may include parts relating to Wifi, mobile internet, SIM Card's, "In Car Wifi", Control module's for any multimedia system, vehicle reporting / tracking systems, security devices linked to tracking systems.

Any vehicle purchased by any business in the motor trade, including workshops, MOT stations, Service centres, Sales Sites, Exporting or Importing subsideries, or any vehicle used for non Social and Domestic/Pleasure purposes.

Any car communication systems including mobile phone modules, bluetooth or apple carplay features.

Body work, paint, glass, interior and exterior trim.


Any part of the heating system inside the car including heating modules, fans, electric seat heaters or modules that control the heating or the air circulation/cool or hot.

All ECU’s both for engine and chassis control units

Timing chains or belts of any kind, with subsequent damage if any type of failure occurs.

All claims must be proven that any servicing schedules for the car have been adhered to.

Clutch or Flywheel

Any part that could reasonably be a wear and tear item

Sat nav/All Media systems/folding screens

Airbag and system.

Tyre Pressure monitors

Any vehicle Telematic's systems which may control other module's within the car

Electrical wiring and wiring looms.

Seizure or corrosion of brakes

Wheel buckling/wheel bolts, brake calipers, EGR Valves, DPF Filters

Any consequential part that fails due to a part warranted by The Car Barns failing for any reason.

Items and parts that should be regularly replaced during routine maintenance, including but not limited to the following items:

oPlugs, HT leads, brake pads, clutch facings, dabbles, wiper blades, V belts, hoses, pipes, seals not specified within section 1, cables, light bulbs and units, tyres, batteries, exhaust systems.

Any car that has had the following listed, but not subject to voids any warranty and all responsibility The Car Barns have with the vehicle:

Any form of modification (including sign writing or stickers), any car used for the following: track, commercial, taxi, rental, business purpose, social media promotional work.

We will not accept any claim which is reported more than 24 hours after the fault was discovered. This is further described within section 4. If the fault is reported after this time has lapsed the warranty will be void.

This warrant does not apply if the vehicle is:

Used for any kind of time trial, competition or race, social media activates, promotions, drifting, abuse

Has been customised or modified after this warranty commenced.

Is used for hire, or reward (for example, taxis, self-drive hire vehicles or driving school vehicles)

Any track use whatsoever at any point during ownership

Any display usage/sign writing on car

Any launches from 0-100/60 or similar using launch control

Any form or drifting/doughnuts/excessive wheel spinning

Any ownership from companies or individuals self employed or who work within the motor industry.

This warranty does not cover damage caused by the following:



Water damage


Heat damage

Sand damage

Salt corrosion

Cracking due to excessive temperature’s/cold or hot

Any foreign substance getting into or onto a part,

Using a grade of fuel not recommended by the manufacturers or using inadequate or incorrect antifreeze protection,

Not keeping the vehicle in a roadworthy condition, including maintaining oil and coolant levels

Not servicing the vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines

The effects of overheating, even if caused by part covered by this warranty



The vehicle being overloaded, according to the law or the manufacturer’s recommendations,

Fire, lighting, earthquake, explosion, frost, storm, flood, water damage, theft or attempted theft, aircraft or other flying devices (or articles dropped from them), or any other extreme cause.

The warrant also does not cover the following:

Claims arising as a result of negligence or intentional damage (including continuing to drive the vehicle when it is not mechanically sound).

The effects of poor repairs, or faults that were present when you bought the vehicle.

Parts which have not been fitted correctly.

Parts which are of faulty manufacture or design, or which are recalled for repair or replacement by the manufacturer.

Parts not fitted as standard or an optional extra by the manufacturer, unless we have agreed otherwise beforehand.

Damage to parts not covered by this warranty or any resulting damage of parts not covered to the covered parts.

The cost of diagnosis or testing in excess of one hour. The amount of time allowed for labour will be in line with the I.C.M.E standard repair times.

Routine servicing or repairs.

Any damage caused by fire, accident or any incident on or condition of the road.

Any loss, damage, liability or injury arising directly or indirectly as a result of a covered part failing.

Damage caused any war risks, sonic booms or nuclear radiation.

Good engineering practice.

3.General conditions:

You must keep to the conditions in this section to have full protection of the warranty. If you do not keep to them, we may cancel the warranty, refuse to deal with your claim or reduce the amount of any claim payment, as we see fit.

a)Duty of care.

You must not drive your vehicle after any damage or incident if this could cause further damage to your vehicle.


If you (or anyone acting on your behalf):

Make a claim which is false or fraudulent in any ways; or

Support a claim with any false or fraudulent document or device;

This warranty will not apply.


If the vehicle has full-service history, you must continue to service the vehicle in line with the manufacturer’s specification.

If the vehicle has no service history, or the service history is incomplete, the vehicle must be serviced by a VAT-registered garage within 12 months of 12,000 miles (whichever is sooner) from the date you bought the vehicle. It must then be serviced in line with the manufacturer’s specification, or every 12 months, or 12,000 miles (again, whichever is sooner). The servicing must include;

Changing the engine oil and filter.

Checking oil levels in the gearbox and differential and topping them up if necessary.

Checking the coolant level and the strength of the antifreeze or inhibitor and topping up if necessary.

Checking the timing belt (if one is fitted) and renewing if necessary.

Replacing the brake fluid in line with the manufacturer’s recommendation.

The interval between services must not exceed the set time or mileage by more than 21 days or 750 miles. If any circumstances prevent the service from being carried out on time, you must immediately send us written notice of this by ‘signed for’ mail.

You must keep proof of each service as we may require this if you make a claim.

The only acceptable proof of servicing will be the fully detailed VAT service invoice, showing the date of the service and the mileage. You must keep all invoices.

If you do not provide satisfactory proof of servicing your vehicle will not be covered by this warranty.

d)The Mileage quoted in the schedule does not guarantee that this is the true distance your vehicle has covered.

e)We will not make or pay for repairs costing more than the limits shown in this schedule or as otherwise restricted by this warranty.

f)We are not responsible for any mistakes or incorrect information we have provided about the nature or value of this warranty.

g)We will not return any payment you have made in connection with this warranty if you then go on to cancel it.

h)We may use, or insist that your repairer uses, exchanged or reconditioned parts or like-for-like parts of a similar make, quality and wear.

i)If the part replaced has some wear, or the replacement part improves the general condition of the value of the vehicle you will have to pay an amount towards the replacement part.

Please note

Timing belts (otherwise known as camshaft drive belts):

If the vehicle has a timing belt, please make sure that it is in good condition and that it is checked and changed in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. If the timing belt breaks it can cause serious and unnecessary engine damage and inconvenience. No responsibility will be accepted for damage cause by the failure of a worn-out timing belt.

4.How to make a claim

If the vehicle shows signs that there could be a mechanical breakdown, do not continue to use it as this may cause further damage which you will be responsible for. You must follow the guidelines on how to proceed with a claim, if these steps are not followed the warranty is void, any therefore The Car Barns hold no responsibility for the repairs to the vehicle.

Contact us immediately after discovering the fault, at most within 24 hours. We then have an opportunity to view/access and fix any problem before the car can be rejected.

Liase with us to arrange for the car to be collected or delivered back to us at your cost.

We have 14 working days to assess the problem and report back to you on the fault. Diagnostics are not covered within the warranty and therefore these will be at your cost.

Depending on the issue, we will then decide if the claim is covered under our warranty (see section 1) with a maximum claim of £500.

If a claim is authorised: after diagnostics (at your cost) have been completed and agreed that this is covered under our warranty, we will contact you to advise and then begin the repairs to the vehicle. This will be done in a timely manner as specified by our service manager. (This will be dependent on delivery of parts, or at times external sources as such we cannot be held responsible for any delays out of our control).

Once the repairs have been completed, we will contact you to advise as to when you are able to collect the vehicle or arrange delivery at your cost.

If a claim is rejected: If once diagnostics are completed, it is discovered that the issue is not covered within our warranty terms (see section 2), we will contact you to advise. You will then need to arrange collection or delivery of the vehicle back to you at your cost.

If we are unable to repair or fix the problem within a timely manner (As specified by our service manager). A refund will then be agreed between yourself and our company, this will be made within 30 days.

If you have taken extended warranty at the time of purchase - please see your terms and conditions for this. The Car Barns have no responsibility with the claim or should the third-party warranty company choose not to cover the claim.

If the issues with the vehicle arise past 3 months from purchasing, The Car Barns have no responsibility to the repairs on the vehicle. When purchasing the car, you would have been offered extended warranties by third party companies. If these are not taken, we hold no responsibilities to assist with the claim.

By signing both our warranty terms and conditions, and our general terms and conditions you are hereby agree not to leave any negative reviews or feedback on any websites, social media or any other platforms.

5.The laws applying to the warranty

The warranty will be governed by the laws of England and Wales.


If you cancel this warranty, we will not refund any amount you have paid in connection with it.

7.Transferring of warranty

This warranty is non-transferable.


If you should have complaints about this warranty, please feel free to contact us. However, by agreeing to these terms you therefore agree not to leave any negative reviews or feedback on any websites, social media or any other platforms.